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4.09 sqft/strip

RM 225.00 RM 112.50 /strip

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What is CHAMWOOD Decking?

The decking core is made plastic, recycled material, wood fibers and then manufactured to look like real wood decking. CHAMWOOD decking has wood grain looks and reversible with different colors on both sides. It provides a resilient with ultimate feature being stain resistant, fade resistant, and impervious to termites and mold. The realistic look summons the beauty of natural wood color with stunning, subtle tones and graining.

Why choose CHAMWOOD Decking?

It has a long lasting life with minimum of care and maintenance. No preservative chemicals were added during manufacturing process and free from splinters compare to traditional wooden decks. The material can withstand harsh environment outdoor. Each board is manufacture become durable and resistant to rot, damp and insects. We ensure the product is 100% waterproof and termite-proof.

The advantages are;

  • Anti slip
  • Easy to clean
  • Less maintenance
  • No splinter
  • Extremely durable
  • Stain resistant
  • Fade resistant


Size: 23 x 140 x 2700mm /strip
Coverage: 4.09 sqft/strip
Color: Dual color (Top & Bottom)
Material: Thick composite board
Finishing: Pre-finished

How to estimate decking and batten needed

Example calculation;

Actual Area Size
= width x length (in feet)
= 10′ x 10′
= 100 sqft

Formula to calculate total Decking Strips needed
= (Area Size + 10%) / 4
= (100 + 10%) /4
= 28 strips

Formula to calculate total batten needed
= (Decking strips / 2) + 2
= (28 strip / 2) + 2
= 16 battens

Where can I install CHAMWOOD Decking?

The nature of the product that can withstand harsh environment and temperate allows installation possible in outdoor areas i.e. balcony, garden, pool side area and et cetera.

How do I maintain CHAMWOOD Decking?

It requires minimal maintenance and you can clean occasionally with a mild detergent or deck cleaner with brush. Regularly clean off any debris like leaves, dirt and dust will help maintain the look. No staining, waterproofing or sealing is required.

Our product is designed to meet the standard ensures quality and sustainability and built to made you a good choice addition to your space. Our products are environmentally friendly construction material.

(For products or installation service related matters, please contact Customer Care 1300-88-7585 for assistance.)


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