Who Are We

Reliable Flooring Installer & Supplier in Malaysia

FLOORDEPOT2U.COM is an online flooring store solely operated by FLOOR DEPOT Group of Companies. FLOODEPOT2U.COM is the 1st ONLINE flooring platform providing online consumers with the simplicity of owned flooring with a few easy steps, Search. Select. Shop experience. The online store opens up the possibility to get new flooring from home, and it allows you to connect to a new experience when purchasing online with a wide selection of flooring available for searches. Our platform is integrated with engaging product visuals and information you may find adequate to buy safely online.

Being part of the leading flooring industry suppliers in Malaysia, FLOORDEPOT2U.COM ensure that products offer to the market are of premium quality. We supply flooring with assurance toward the strong brand promise of high quality with unique properties suitable for residential and commercial areas. Our focus is entirely on flooring covering; each flooring is made to serve its purpose and improve past technology.

FLOOR DEPOT is a flooring supplier built with a strong retail background in Malaysia, FLOORDEPOT2U.COM understand the value of time to online consumers as well and makes the operations hours beyond usual and makes flooring purchase accessible to the market, especially since this online store operates 24 hours / 7 days, allowing online consumers purchase the right flooring at their most convenient hour, both daytime and night.

FLOORDEPOT2U.COM is committed to keeping the principle of making each order arrive on time and to the request of online consumers the best-preferred timing they need. The service made the process easy for homeowners, and each delivery is assured to transit safely, in good condition, to your preferred shipping address. A minimal handling fee is complete with door-to-door delivery to ensure delivery right to the door stop and the right room.

Aside supply materials, FLOORDEPOT2U.COM extends the services by providing floor installation and consultation service at a reasonable price with our professional flooring installer and making this a one-stop solution for all online consumers. The online store assured data protection, and all sensitive information is stored without disclosure to any third-party usage purposes.

FLOORDEPOT2U.COM believes that safety and security practices are equally important to make online consumers feel a level of reliability while using the services offered online. In addition, each online payment transaction is processed by local banking companies and assured payments are well-transit to the merchant.