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Vinyl Flooring (3.0mm)
included installation
with FREE
– Water-based adhesives
– 75mm skirting
– Aluminium profile
– Site measure service

RM 7.50 RM 4.50 /sqft

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SKU FLC-CSO3VX3 Category


This COMBO Price is valid for minimum order 300 sqft and above
Order below 300 sqft is subject to additional RM300/order surcharge (payment to be transfer via online)

– Water-based adhesive glue (worth RM210/pail)
– Aluminium Profile (worth RM45.00/strip)
– WALLINE Skirting 75mm (worth RM25.00/strip)
– FREE Site Measurement worth RM50/job/site

1. This COMBO Deal is supply and install of XXXX
2. Customer should calculate area size + 10%. (E.g. 300 sqft + 10%)
3. for SELANGOR and KLANG VALLEY only.
4. Non-Flooring service (hack existing tiles / door trimming etc.) charges will be quoted prior to installation after site measurement.
5. Promotion is based on stock available basis.
6. Combo Deal has no expiry date. Customer can buy before 31/3/2020 & install later at anytime when available.
7. Flooring color as shown; please check stock availability with our customer care 1800-88-7585 before any purchase.


1.Q: What product in combo do you have?
A: We have Vinyl Combo, SPC Combo & Laminate Combo.

2.Q: What includes in each flooring combo deal?
A: Each flooring combo deal include designated flooring type, installation service, pvc skirting, profile, glue (Vinyl combo) or 1mm underlay (SPC & Laminate Combo).

3.Q: How to buy online?
A: You can login to our online store / mobile app and search for Combo Deal page, enter your entire area size that you planned to install + checkout with your credit card / debit card / online transfer.

4.Q: Can I buy offline?
A: You can PM us your details (Name / Location / HP num / Combo Type / Area size). Our online team will assist how you can order Combo Deal.

5.Q: When this Combo Deal will end?
A: This Online Combo Deal promo is valid to purchase from now till 31.3.2020

6.Q: How do I know how much to buy?
A: You may refer to your S&P’s property floor plan for the total size, or you can send us your floor plan. We can calculate for you.

7.Q: Can I top up if I bought less?
A: Yes, you can top up the flooring combo deal quantity before your order delivery or pick up with same promo price.

8.Q: Can I get refund if I bought extra?
A: Yes, you can request for refund if you decided to reduce your ordered quantity before delivery or pick up.

9.Q: How do I know my order quantity is enough?
A: For all online flooring combo deal order made before 31.3.2020 will get the complimentary service of FOC site measurement. Our online team will contact you (after your order placed and payment made) to arrange the site measurement appointment. The site measurement service included measure the area you have planned to install flooring and remarks your site condition if any non-flooring job which is required such as door trimming, hack existing skirting and etc.

10.Q: Can I buy the Combo Deal and install later?
A: Yes. You can buy now and install later. Combo Deal has no expiry date. Customer can buy before 31/3/2020 & install later at any time when available. Just contact our online team when your side is ready for delivery and installation.

11.Q: Is this flooring combo deal has any location restriction?
A: Yes. This flooring combo deal only valid for Klang Valley (KL / Selangor).

12.Q: Are there any hidden costs in flooring combo deal?
A: This flooring combo deal packages are referring to supply & install, it excludes Non-Flooring (if any) such as door trimming, delivery, hack skirting and etc. If your site is require no Non-Flooring job after site measure, the combo deal that you have purchased is your nett price.

13.Q: Is there any Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) in order to purchase this flooring combo deal?
A: Yes. This flooring combo deal has MOQ of 300 sqft and above. If your order quantity is below 300 sqft, a surcharge RM300 will be imposed.