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Vinyl Express (Dry Back 2mm)
36.00 sqft/carton

COMBO Deal includes:
– Installation services, ISDN-VCF4 (worth RM1.90/sqft)
– Waterbased glue (worth RM210/pail)
– Aluminium or PVC profile (worth RM45-RM85/strip)
– Site Measurement Services (worth RM100/site/trip)

RM 500.00 /booking fee


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SKU FCC-VX2.0 Category

Series: Vinyl Express 2.0 S4S
Board Size: 914.4 x 152.4 x 2mm
Package Content: 36.00 sqft/carton (24 panels/carton)
Surface Treatment: Embossed
Edge Treatment: Seamless
Installation method: Glue-on
Suitability: All residential to moderate commercial areas


Additional Information

Vinyl flooring is a type of synthetic floor that is primarily made from plastic or PVC manufactured in shapes of squares and long plank. In standard PVC flooring, the base layer is usually fiberglass coated with PVC vinyl and a plasticizer. With wear layers are applied made this flooring impervious to water. It is also known for its long-wearing durability and made with aesthetic details resembles wide variety natural wood looks matching your décor; a versatile yet affordable choice for flooring on a budget.

Why choose PVC Flooring?

PVC Flooring have taken over homes, following decades of justified popularity residential and moderate commercial areas requiring safe, resistant materials that are easy to clean, such as schools, retails, sports centers, and et cetera. This safe, resistant material flooring is perfect and functional performance with below advantages;

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Termite-proof
  • Stain resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Cost saving

How to estimate and purchase your floor. 

Example calculation;

Actual Area Size
= width x length (in feet)
= 10′ x 10′
= 100 sqft

Total cartons needed is
= (Actual Area Size + 10%) / sqft per carton
= (100 sqft + 10%) / 30.00 sqft
= 4 cartons

(Note : 10% waste factor is the additional amount of flooring you’ll need to cover errors, cutting waste and future floorboard replacement.)

Where can I install PVC Flooring?

It can be installed in most area around the house and office, being is superior again water and termite attacks, you can also install it in high moisture areas such as dining room, kitchen, pantry etc.  With glue-down method, it can be easily install by own over flat surface area such as concrete, tiles, wooden floors. This is suitable for both residential and moderate commercial areas.

How do I maintain PVC Flooring?

To keep the floor looking new and natural, maintenance is relative easy. Regular cleaning and mopping is necessary to remove dust and dirt from building up. Do a once a week clean with a damp mop with soft and neutral floor cleaners will helps remove dirt.

Our product is designed to meet the standard ensures quality and sustainability and built to made you a good choice addition to your space. Our products are environmentally friendly construction material.

(For products or installation service related matters, please contact Customer Care 1300-88-7585 for assistance.)


Terms & Conditions

  • VINYL EXPRESS VX2.0 COMBO Deal @ RM3.80/sqft
  • Vinyl Express Flooring 2mm (VX2.0)
  • Installation service – Dry Back ISDN-VCF4, worth RM1.90/sqft
  • Aluminum profile, worth RM45/strip
  • Waterbase glue, worth RM210/pail

1. This Combo Deal eVoucher is subjected to minimum order quantity of 300 sqft.
2. This Combo Deal eVoucher is subjected to RM300 surcharge for order quantity below 300 sqft.
3. This Combo Deal eVoucher is available for upgrade to 75mm PVC skirting by top up RM0.50/sqft or 100mm PVC skirting by top up RM1.00/sqft.
4. This Combo Deal eVoucher is subjected to Transportation & Mobilisation Charge at flat rate RM100/order/trip.
5. This Combo Deal eVoucher is excludes subfloor preparation cost and non-flooring job if any.
6. This Combo Deal eVoucher RM500 Booking Fee as deposit only and NOT the proof of stock reservation or purchase; FULL PAYMENT is required for valid stock reservation.
7. This Combo Deal eVoucher is valid to redeem at participated FLOOR DEPOT outlets in KL/SEALANGOR, JOHOR BAHRU, IPOH AND PENANG only.
8. This Combo Deal eVoucher is valid for the original purchaser only & non-transferable or reselleable.
9. This Combo Deal eVoucher offered items may be phrased out without prior notice
10. This Combo Deal eVoucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase; expired eVouhcer considered null and zero value.
11. FLOOR DEPOT reserved the final interpretation right should any part of this voucher in dispute and the decision shall be final and conclusive. No appeal will be entertained thereafter.

Installation Video